A Burning: Good Books Are Hard to Read

Stylistically speaking, A Burning is compulsively readable. It is told in short chapters, written in economic prose, alternating perspectives and foci on characters. Majumdar seems to be a skilled writer who knows our short attention spans intimately and recognizes the need to move briskly to appeal to our constraints.

City Eyes

I wanted to tell him that I read those words in a novel for class. In it the speaker - in one of many equivocating asides - expounded on how living in a city in India makes everyone develop a type of cataracts. Beggars, in all their motley shapes and forms, are so natural to our cities that they have become invisible. The are the unsubstantial beings, cloaked like poltergeists or djinns, that our minds filter out as we navigate the city.

An Elegy of a Piece: Review of Pico Iyers’ Falling Off The Map

The name alone is enticing enough. It is the neatly packaged moniker which perfectly hooks the reader – in this case, me – who might be interested. I pointed at it for the boy minding the store. He labored out of his seat, and seeing what I was pointing at, said: “Do you really want to see it? Are you going to buy it? It’s really stuck in there; will be hard to get out. Why do you want it anyway?”

Stiegler and “Where education went wrong with Biopower?”

I will start off my blog confessing Bernard Stielger’s French-style is tough to read (as care-less as it is to say). But nonetheless he does posit a powerful – and rather Gramscian – point when he says “My thesis is that this history is organological; indeed that intelligence regarding intelligence is organological intelligence” (30). In … Continue reading Stiegler and “Where education went wrong with Biopower?”

The Act of Killing has helped Indonesia reassess its past and present

The Act of Killing has helped Indonesia reassess its past and present Film-maker talks about The Act of Killing, probably one of the most important and unique documentaries of all time. Even if it changes nothing, it is unlikely there will ever be another portrait of sociopathic genocidal killers (from their perspectives) like this ever … Continue reading The Act of Killing has helped Indonesia reassess its past and present