Reflections on Teaching Comp at the HBCU

I have my students read sections of the Tao Teh Ching and Art of War in my composition courses at Bowie     State University. I consider it an introduction to two of the core classical texts that come from one of the         oldest civilizations in the world that also happens to be…Reflections on … Continue reading Reflections on Teaching Comp at the HBCU

Hand to mouth

Interesting piece in Aeon Magazine summarizing the conversations about the primacy of gestures in the evolution of our linguistic capacities, the essential human characteristic. If language began with gestures around a campfire and secret signals on hunts, why did speech come to dominate communication?By Kensy CooperriderRead at AeonHand to mouth

Is the Man Who is Tall Happy?: Addaing with Noam Chomsky and the Illustration of Genius

The beauty of Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy is that Gondry is able to flesh out this Chomsky; though it must also be said that their conversations do talk about his biography and social beliefs. Yet the focus of the film is their conversation about language and how human beings might think, which Gondry illustrates in beautiful, little animation. Though not a linguist, academic, or philosopher, or because he is none of those things, Gondry is able to present a picture of Chomskyan linguistics and philosophy that is clear and subtlety thoughtful.