The way words mean — Aeon

Dictionary definitions can encourage in us a sense of words as signs representing fuller meanings or content that are in some sense ‘inside’ or ‘underneath’ them. But when we analyse meaning, we are usually making only lateral moves, not ‘excavating’ anything. These are in reality interpretations that exist ‘on the same level’ as what is interpreted. ‘Every interpretation,’ Wittgenstein writes, ‘hangs in the air together with what it interprets, and cannot give it any support.’

The ethics of speech acts — Aeon

Speech Acts explains much more to me than other paradigms of language. I wish there was more conversations between rhetoric and linguistics on the pragmatics front than there is right now. It’s one thing to say something. It’s quite another for a person to do (or not do) something because of what you’ve said By … Continue reading The ethics of speech acts — Aeon