Chomsky and Foucault: justice versus power — Aeon (video on Youtube)

I've had many discussions with both humanists and social scientists on this debate, about who won. I've had them in my own head too. Different people look at this and have fundamental different views about who won. I think it's a classic example of the impossibility of communication when the a priori of their discourse … Continue reading Chomsky and Foucault: justice versus power — Aeon (video on Youtube)

Is the Man Who is Tall Happy?: Addaing with Noam Chomsky and the Illustration of Genius

The beauty of Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy is that Gondry is able to flesh out this Chomsky; though it must also be said that their conversations do talk about his biography and social beliefs. Yet the focus of the film is their conversation about language and how human beings might think, which Gondry illustrates in beautiful, little animation. Though not a linguist, academic, or philosopher, or because he is none of those things, Gondry is able to present a picture of Chomskyan linguistics and philosophy that is clear and subtlety thoughtful.