using the progressive disclosure principle in academic writing

I work a lot with artists and designers. Because I’m a bit of a magpie, I have a habit of collecting – and then using – their principles and approaches. A lot of them are interesting, because they make you – well, they make me – stop and think a bit.  I reckon that visiting … Continue reading using the progressive disclosure principle in academic writing

Reflections on Teaching Comp at the HBCU

I have my students read sections of the Tao Teh Ching and Art of War in my composition courses at Bowie     State University. I consider it an introduction to two of the core classical texts that come from one of the         oldest civilizations in the world that also happens to be…Reflections on … Continue reading Reflections on Teaching Comp at the HBCU

Facilitating Online Peer Review

Today’s guest blogger is Tanya Rodrigue‌, an associate professor in English and coordinator of the Writing Intensive Curriculum Program at Salem State University in Massachusetts. The pandemic has thrown instructors into foreign teaching territory, prompting many to question how to employ familiar pedagogical practices in an online environment. While preparing to teach online for the first time last year,…Facilitating … Continue reading Facilitating Online Peer Review

America draft – repost from Free Black Space

I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine. As ludicrous as it may sound, I made the statement Americans don't study. My friend's reply was what do you mean? what are all the doctor's, lawyers, and other folks doing around here? Point taken, obviously Americans do study. As a person who studied nationalism…America … Continue reading America draft – repost from Free Black Space

academic writing choices – learning from blogging

I’ve been thinking about academic writing and blogging again. I’ve been wondering what we might learn from thinking about the writing that bloggers do. Academic blogs are not all the same. They can be categorised in various ways. I’ve been thinking about categorising blogs as “action” – focusing on what they seem to want to … Continue reading academic writing choices – learning from blogging

Intellectual Communities in the Time of Pandemic: A Case for

Furthermore, I've also been able to talk with people I would never have in any detail because of (if I'm to keep it 100!) differences of age and race. These groups have provided me long interactions with a type of "older, genteel Conservatives," persons whose views on tradition, social status quo, and economic liberalism mean I would have never mixed with them in any other context. We would be so different because of our lived experiences that they would only be an Other for me, and I an other for them. Sometimes, in these meetings, and this is not meant as snippy as it sounds, it feels like I'm talking to David Brooks.